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Futuristic microchip GPS traking technology for cats


My idea came to me when our neighbors cat got out. The idea of having an animal go missing is heartbreaking to me, and I don’t know what I would do if my cats got out. This made me think about GPS tracking my cat. Looking into it I found that a lot of the collars are cat safe; meaning they can unhook when the collar is stuck, this feature is a big thing with cat collars because of all the things they tend to get into. This aspect, plus the cost made me think into the future, GPS trackable Microchip application.

As of now this technology does not exist, but if it did I wanted to come up with something that would put cat owners at a piece of mind. If your cat is an indoor cat and gets out you can “ping” your pet to get their location. If you have an outdoor cat, you can do the same as the indoor and “ping” them, to see where their territory is.

This application will feature an invite area so you can have other people, i.e., pet sitters, family, friends, neighbors, etc., see the whereabouts of your cat, as well as get notifications of the pet being lost, found, or outside.


Write out ideas, sketch, prototype, and functional prototype.


After feed back from peers, and user studies I was able to create a prototype that would please users based from their feed back. Though this is a hypothetical concept that one day will be useful for cat owners, or pet owners around the world.