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Insta Inner Circle

Semester long group project.


How can we reduce Instagram’s negative influence on young adults to help them combat addiction?
We needed to better understand: 

  1. Which specific feature within the Instagram application is the most “addicting” for users? 
  2. What do users currently dislike about the application?
  3. What do users currently value the most in the application?  

These questions helped guide our content analysis.


Crazy 8’s:
8 ideas in 8 minutes 

Collect Notes of participant thoughts and actions during testing (Qualitative Data)

Rate each participant’s ease of use on a 5 point scale (Quantitative Data)



Notes during Usability Testing

  1. Some users were confused about where to find certain features in the application
  2. Some users verbalized how they were impressed with how easy it was to use the application  
  3. Users liked the filter feature and thought the app was user-friendly.
  4. Users had trouble with locating specific features and suggested adding instructions.
  5. Users wanted to be able to further personalize their feed and explore page.